AIMS, the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, as a self-governing non-profit trust, which is supported by several universities, offers a postgraduate Programme to talented students from the African continent. In a similar way, AIMS is extending its offer to Masters and Doctoral Degree Programme in mathematical sciences meeting the need for highly qualified scientists in Africa.

It has been agreed upon that DAAD co-operates with AIMS Senegal by offering up to 2 Scholarships for a PhD Programme in Mathematics.

Who can apply?

nationals or permanent residents of an African country

What can be funded?

PhD-study in mathematical sciences

Duration of the funding

The duration of the PhD-programme is three years.


The scholarship covers: Tuition and registration fees, study and research allowance, final allowance, monthly scholarship and travel allowance.
For details, see call for application

Further information

For detailed information, see call for application

הסטטוס שלך על-מנת להגיש בקשה

?סטטוס לא ברשימה.(אם הסטטוס שלך אינו מופיע ברשימה, אין ביכולתך להגיש בקשת מימון לתוכנית זו. להצגת תוכניות להן ניתן להגיש בקשת מימון, יש לבחור את הסטטוס המתאים מעמוד התוצאות (טור בצד שמאל